Why you should visit Haiti

Visit Haiti to Enjoy Great Food and Chance to be Detached From Your Routine

Haiti, is one of the two small countries along with The Dominican Republic located on the Hispaniola Island surrounded by Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Ocean, and has a number of astonishing things to attract certain type of adventurous travellers. When I left the country, it was just after the earthquake hit and the country was in shambles. This beautiful country has a lot to offer though.

Though Haiti is in poor condition these days and is seeking help from countries of third-world but still there are a number of tourism possibilities which can be experienced if you are passionate to visit this small country. The sunrise at Cormier Plage encourages the adventurous visitors for another day of sightseeing at Haiti.

You can enjoy these natural gifts if you are open minded, adventurous and curious to see the unspoiled and brilliant beaches at Haiti alongwith enjoying homely and delicious food with enough quantity of rum to knock you out. Haitian people are welcoming and fun loving. Visitors can enjoy sweeping views of the mountain range The Massif du Nord along the coastline of Cuba from the high top of The Citadelle Laferriere in Northern Haiti on clear days.

Years back the earthquake with 7.0 magnitude had greatly affected the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti in 2010. Though structures in the downtown has been converted into open plots of land but still they welcome their guests like a neighbor. You may not get branded hotels and luxurious amenities today in Haiti but you will not regret visiting this small country as it completely unplugs you from the hustle and bustles of your routine life. You can either share pickup trucks or busses or ever ready horse with guides to travel through Haiti at present. Even if you are a Haitian you can free move here with your dollars without learning Haitian or French language as English and dollars are accepted everywhere in Haiti.